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We now have a ‘Drink Your Chocolate’ Guide. Get #recipes and tips for sipping your #chocolate. .99 for a limited time.
How to Be a Good Houseguest with Pet Allergies by Andy Hayes
Chocolate Bliss: New World Pumpkin Spice Cake Recipe by Andy Hayes
10 Influential Weddings That Never Really Happened by Janice Bear
5 Yoga Poses to Help You Live in the Moment by Monica Bourgeau
Relax, Baby, It’s Brunch! Cocktails for the Best Meal of the Week by Sandy Smith
Super Sipping: The Best Indie Teamakers in the US by Carrie Keplinger
From Zero to Hostess: How to Make Last-Minute Parties Look Easy by Janice Bear
Celebrate the Season With a Trio of Creme Brûlées by Krista Bjorn
Adding Life and Character to Your Home with Antiques: A Beginner’s Guide by Jaime de Haas
A Canadian’s Guide to Maple Mastery (Food Pairings & More) by Vanessa Chiasson
Southern and Sophisticated: A Weekend Getaway to Nashville, Tennessee by Christina Fields
Life By the Mile: Gifts to Mark Major Milestones by Janice Bear
Torrijas, A Sweet Spanish Easter Treat by Nick Dorrington
A Pair of Recipes for Deluxe Dinner Party Chicken Wings by Nick Church from our sponsor Hidden Valley Ranch

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